A beautifully designed saddle, made specifically for the heavy horse, many tailored made features in the saddle to make everything perfect for you and your heavy.  You will be seated in the correct position, and your legs will be in the correct place. 

Tested and tried for the last few years in all weather conditions on lots of different heavies and used in the show ring.

Made on a specific tree, with panels that are perfect for the heavy shape, which makes it a very versatile fit for your heavies.

The wide girth is available plain or elastic ends, and in two widths with two or 3 buckles, providing the stability required.

The saddle is made so it perfectly compliments your heavy with everything being the correct ratios, without the smaller rider feeling lost in the saddle.

Available in Black or Brown, Plain Leather, or with Suede Knee Rolls.

We have a couple variations of the saddle in stock and ready to post, or if you are at a show and we are there we can take a template of your horse and get the saddle tailored to your specific requirements.

These saddles are made in the UK with Quality EnglishLeather and new ordered saddles are about an 8 week lead time.

£1400 for the Saddle with Girths starting at £200